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Top Destinations Lower Austria


Life is a journey full of destinations!
And Lower Austria has 49 greats ones. All tops! A number of quality criteria have to be met to become a Top Excursion Destion in Lower Austria. From Thaya Valley National Park in the north to the Schneeberg Railway in the south, from Schloss Hof in te east to the Haag Animal Park in the west, all have satisfied these tough standards. And of course 45 additional excursion highlights in-between. Lower Austria offers the best of  everything: rest and recreation, fun und excitement, life´s simple pleasures, history and future.

We have done our utmost to draw up a list of worthwhile destinations for our visit. So the 49 Top Excursion Destinations are chosen to provide something for every taste and inclination. Our offerings run the gamut from castles&monasteries to nature parks&adventure parks, from mountain railways&Danube cruises to museums&exhibitions.

Our objective is to enable visitors to have experience they will remember all their lives. Lower Austria has 49 different experiences just waiting for you. Or put another way, enough destinations for a solid five weeks of one-day outings. Every day a new experience, a new world or a new impression. Discover the Top Excursion Destinations in Lower Austria, firstrate quality every time!

As different and unique as each of them is, they are all somehow connected. Their joint homepage also makes that point: