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Aqualand Moravia

The most modern entertainment centre Aqualand Moravia can be found at the northern edge of the Nové Mlýny water reservoir, close to the village of Pasohlávky.

Inspiration by Rome
Aqualand Moravia was built in the location of former Roman spas, the oldest spa object in the territory of the Czech Republic, built in the 2nd century under the rule of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius by the tenth Roman legion. The motif of the Roman spa can be seen throughout the complex – in names of individual sections as well as in wall decorations on old Rome style or in the form of the Aqualand mascots – the siblings Aurelia and Marco.

The complex of Aqualandu Moravia is equipped with 12 outdoor and indoor pools with total water surface area of 3000 m2. In the Neptunarium section there are available the swim-through relax pools being the main part of the pool hall, pools with waves, attractions or kids´ pools. The pools are equipped with many water attractions like water massage nozzles and showers, water shots, bubble makers, water walls, whirlpools, jumping elements and climbing nets above the water. In the attraction hall called Adrenalium, the visitors can enjoy 10 switchbacks and chute-the-chutes, like e.g. popular U Wave, Kamikaze, Supercrater or Wild River. There are also unique outdoor switchbacks Abyss and Boomerango, with their lengths reaching 110 respectively 84 meters, designed for rafts for 3 and peculiarly called Coliseum.

Water from a geo-thermal bore with high contents of mineral substances
The relax pools and wellness procedures use the water from the geo-thermal bore 3G Mušov with high contents of mineral substances and temperature up to 46 °C, rising from the depth of 1450 m below the ground. The geo-thermal water is suitable for treatment of locomotive organs, diseases of urinal tract, shin and gynaecological diseases.


Aqualand Moravia
Pasohlávky ev.č. 110
Pasohlávky 691 22

Info: +420 546 609 609 (08.00 - 18.00)

Tourist attractions in a destination

  • The largest switchbacks in Europe
  • The most extensive sauna world
  • Maximum of indoor switchbacks
  • Animation program for children and adults
  • Cryo chamber

Additional services

  • Coffee Lounge
  • Restaurant
  • Gift Shop
  • Massage
  • Special wellness procedures
  • Team buildings
  • School trips
  • Company events

Actions and events

  • Congress premises
  • Sauna Ceremonials
  • Summer Season Opening
  • AQM Birthday
  • New Year´s Eve show
  • St. Nicholas´s day, Halloween, spring holiday, autumn holiday, Christmas – special animation programs

Our tips for trips in the surroundings

  • Lednice and Valtice complex
  • Pálava
  • Mušov Lakes
  • Mikulov
  • Castle Lednice, Valtice
  • Znojmo

Trip without barrier

Aqualand Moravia is barrier-free.