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ZOO Hodonín

People once visiting the Hodonín Zoo like to come back again and again. And there is no wonder. The plain field with lots of green vegetation at the edge of the flooded forest called Dúbrava is easily passable for everyone and in the course of a walk through the pleasant garden you can see 760 animals of 195 species. About seventy of them are ranked among endangered global fauna representatives. The zoo is one of the youngest and smallest within the Union of Czech and Slovak Zoos and its visitors may watch inhabitants of five pavilions in any time of the day or year.

In the oldest pavilion, you will be interested mainly in the exposition called Sea World. In the pavilion of exotics you can see a beautiful big toucan, Ara parrots and a collection of fruit-eating birds. The most popular inhabitants of the Hodonín Zoo include five chimpanzees in the pavilion of monkeys or big felines in the like pavilion. The colouring of the garden with an area of only 7,5 hectare is completed with a small but beautiful pavilion – a house of smart flamingos. The interesting features of the zoo include a wide range of cloven-hoofed animals and the exposition of European owls.


ZOO Hodonín
U Červených domků 3529
695 01 Hodonín

Ing. Lenka Pacíková        723 288 774

Mgr. Marie Ošlejšková   724 298 998

Bc. Šárka Krakovská       724 024 096

Mgr. Martin Krug           724 377 015


Tourist attractions

  • Blacktip reef shark, rarely seen in zoos
  • Wide range of exotic birds
  • A group of chimpanzees
  • Modern pavilion of large felines, with a pair of Siberian tigers and a new young pair of rare South-African lion with creamy white coat – the Hodonín zoo is the only one zoo in the Czech Republic breeding this rarity


Special Offers and Events

  • Winter and summer suburban camps with subject specialisation
  • Public feeding of sharks, carnivorous animals and apes
  • Cultural and education events – Day of Birds, Day of the Earth, Children Day with Radio Jih, Goodbye school or Hurrah, holiday! Goodbye holiday or Hurrah, school! Day of Animals, Health Day
  • Dream night  for handicapped children (worldwide event of zoo gardens)
  • Ghostly zoo or Night of Ghosts – Courage Trail
  • Christmas tree decoration in zoo – event for pre-school and young school children (1st – 3rd class of basic school)
  • Live picture of nativity – with animals

Additional Services

  • Special programs for pre-school, school children and students
  • Souvenir shop
  • Playground with play elements and attractions
  • Eco section
  • Two buffets
  • Baby changing table

Tips for Trips

  • Hodonín Spa
  • Landing place U Jezu at the Morava River - Hodonín
  • Milotice Castle
  • National cultural monument Mikulčice
  • Masaryk´s Museum Hodonín
  • Gallery of Visual Arts Hodonín
  • Wine cellars Plže Petrov
  • Hodonín Open air pool
  • Monuments in border town of Skalica, Slovakia

Trip without Barriers

The Hodonín Zoo is a barrier-free trip target.