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ZOO Brno

The Zoological garden Brno festive opening ceremony was held in Mniší Hora, Brno – Bystrc on 30 August 1953. The founder of the garden is the corporate town Brno. The Brno ZOO is the establishing member of the Union of Czech and Slovak Zoological Gardens and also a member of several important international institutions - EAZA and WAZA /World Association of Zoological Gardens and Aquariums/.  Then visitors can see nearly 1400 animals of 250 species in the area of 38 ha. The European rarity is regular rearing of polar bears and a unique rearing of 24 puppies of Cellestus warreni, belonging to endangered species.


ZOO Brno

U Zoologické zahrady 46

635 00 Brno

tel.: +420 546 432 311

fax: +420 546 210 000


Tourist attractions

In 2011, a new exposition called Beringia was finished in ZOO Brno – the visitors are extremely interested in the family of Kamchatka bears there. You can find there polar bears, wolfs, Canadian beavers, wolverines and other Siberian varieties and the aviary of Kamchatka eagles. Even the Zoo for children is very popular – the children can get in direct touch with animals there and they can also actively use the see-saws, slips and swings. The Safari run offers giraffes and zebras in the upper part of Zoo and the pavilion Tropical Kingdom houses piranhas, giant turtles, reptiles, desert cats and marmosets as well as the rare dragon – Varanus komodoensis. Another popular attraction is the small train drive in the zoo. It is also a significant help for those who do not manage the hilly terrain of the garden.

  • Beringia exposition – awarded with White Elephant prize 2012 as the Construction of the Year
  • Children Zoo Expositions – awarded with White Elephant prize 2011 as the Construction of the Year
  • Exposition of wolfs - awarded with White Elephant prize 2006 as the Reconstruction of the Year

Other services

  • Restaurant “U Tygra”
  • Souvenir Shop
  • Refreshment – in several locations of the complex
  • Memorial Coins Zoo Brno vending machine
  • Bicycle stands
  • Luggage boxes
  • Trampoline, Rope Centre
  • Dogs entry allowed (40 CZK)
  • Daily camps for children with attractive program in the zoo garden complex
  • Experience programs for companies and organisations
  • Identification Bands for children
  • Regular commented animals feeding – for current information on commented feeding see

Tips for trips

You can visit the Zoo Brno and take a ship cruise in Brno Dam. In the course of the boating season it is possible for the visitors to buy a combined entry ticket for the Zoo Brno and DPMB ship cruise in the Brno Dam. The price of such a ticket is 200 CZK. If you manage to visit both of the locations in one day, the tram transport between the stations Zoo and Přístaviště is free for you. It is possible to use this opportunity in the course of the boating season of the DPMB.

  • Špilberk Castle
  • Moravian Gallery in Brno
  • Mendel´s Museum
  • Moravian Land Museum
  • Barrier free access

Barrier free access

The Service centre (sale of souvenirs and restaurant), all the pavilions and the administrative building are barrier-free. The Zoo train is adjusted to transport of wheelchaired persons.