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Observatory and Planetarium in Brno

Observatory and Planetarium Brno is situated near the city centre in a picturesque park Kraví hora. It represents modern "temple of science", there is space for the presentation of interesting results of all natural sciences but also for exhibitions, professional training, workshops, interesting happenings and concerts.   There is a beautiful view of a large part of the city of Brno, but also much further from the top of the hill Kraví hora. There are many telescopes used for public commented monitoring of the Sun and interesting evening sky in the observatory. Observatory and Planetarium in Brno, however, is attractive even in a bad weather. A modern hall of one of the largest planetariums in the Czech Republic offers many composed performances with extraordinary projection of the artificial sky for public and school excursions. Everybody can engage into the mysteries of natural phenomena even deeper at Exploratorium. The multipurpose hall offers exploration of space through touch, hearing and sight. It includes a unique exhibition of meteorites.

The Digitatium hall will immerse you with its scene and sound. The series of special projectors combined with tens of computers can conjure a surprisingly true model of the space on the projection screen with a  diameter of 17 meters. The repertoire of the Digitarium does not include only astronomical shows. We will take you to the places that are hard to get to – under water, inside a human body, to the near future, to the microworld and macrocosm… Many of our shows are simultaneously projected in English. Headphones are available on request at the ticket desk.   There is also a shop with souvenirs and refreshments. All exhibitions are wheelchair accessible. Observatory and Planetarium Brno was reconstructed and now it is the most modern institution of this kind in Moravia.  


Observatory and Planetarium in Brno
Kraví hora 2, 616 00 Brno
IČO: 00101443
DIČ: cz00101443
Bank: KB Brno – město, Konto-Nr. 9633621/0100
ID data box: i7hkkna

Contributory organization is registered in the Commercial Register kept by Regional Court in Brno, section Pr, entry number 17.

Telephone: +(420) 541 32 12 87

Latitude: 49° 12´ 14,9″
Longitude: 16° 35´ 1,8″
Altitude: 305 m above sea

Observatory and Planetarium in Brno is an agency established by the City of Brno.

Tourist attractions in a destination

  • Audiovisual programs in a large Planetarium (sample of artificial night sky)
  • Interactive exhibition about the Solar system
  • View of Brno
  • The possibility of taking interesting photos (e.g. with the astronaut on the Moon)
  • Observing the night sky (in clear weather)

Additional services

Special services and events

  • Science Festival
  • Events for children
  • Night of scientists
  • Rental of all spaces
  • Weddings
  • Lectures
  • Cultural events (theatre, concerts)


Visitorss can visit the exhibition in the foyer and on the 1st the floor of the Observatory and Planetarium in Brno without a guide. Programs and guided tours have always fixed beginnings (see the current program).

Trip without barriers

The Observatory and Planetarium in Brno is almost without barriers.