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Moravian Gallery - Pražák Palace

The Pražák Palace, which is run by the Moravian Gallery, is in the very centre of Brno. If you wish to spend your free time here, there are several ways of doing so. Its permanent exhibitions showcase its collections of high-quality modern art (including works by Toyen, Jindřich Štýrský, Antonín Procházka, Josef Čapek, Josef Šíma and Jan Zrzavý) and contemporary art (i.e. art produced after 1945). The unique collection of curator Jiří Valoch, a leading figure in the cultural life of Brno, is of particular importance; among many others, it includes works by Dalibor Chatrný, Radek Kratina, Jiří Hynek Kocman, Dick Higgins, Ben Vautier, Heinz Gappmayr, Imre Bak and Dora Maurer.

The Pražák Palace also houses temporary exhibitions; recent subjects include the artists Marian Palla, Václav Stratil and Inez Tuschnerová. The Atrium is dedicated to the younger generation of artists. The Pražák Palace is very attractive to child visitors: there is a children’s playroom on the ground floor, a slide on the upper floor, and a library with a great many books about art for children and teenagers. The library also offers a special service known as the ‘Artothèque’, where, for a symbolic sum, visitors can borrow an original work of art for display in their home or office.  


Moravská galerie - Pražákův palác
Husova 18, Brno 662 26
Kontakt: Telefon +420 532 169 111