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The Open-Air Museum

The Strážnice Museum of the Villages of South-east Moravia is an open - air museum, that has been opened to the public and visitors since 1981. The following areas are available: Moravian Kopanice, Luhačovice Zálesí, Horňácka, in addition there are water bulidings, viticulture buildings and meadow economy. The museum is very unique. Besides the presentation of folk architecture and the way people used to live in the particular regions, it also focuses on the viticulture and wine growing that has been typical for the region for ages. The exposition of a vineyard demonstrates the history and the development of wine growing from the past until the present time. It is the only exposition of its kind in the Czech Republic.

The visiting season is enriched by couple of thematic activities that help visitors to get familiar with folk crafts, folk traditions and customs throughout the year. The museum offers learning as well as a lot of fun and relaxation.


Národní ústav lidové kultury
Zámek č. 672
696 62 Strážnice
Phone No.: May – October +420 518 332 173 (German, English)
Phone No.: November – April + 420 518 306 650 (English), + 420 518 306 611


Attractions in the trip destination

  • The way people used to live in the Moravian Village
  • The costumes of Moravian Slovakia – guides wearing costumes, there are dummy having costumes on
  • Viticulture – wine cellars, wine tasting, wine making, museum of vineyard – the unique exposition in the Czech Republic
  • The Crafts of our ancestors – smithery, weaving factory, pottery and interactive expositions.


  • A Guided tour
  • A tour combined with wine tasting
  • Shop Folklorika – possibility to buy traditional craft products
  • Folklorika – prodejna tradičních řemeslných výrobků
  • Refreshment in a  stylish restaurant

Special Offers and Events

  • Fašanky, Fašanky, Velká noc ide
  • The Alphabet of Crafts
  • International Folklore festival
  • Harvest Festival
  • Folklore afternoon in the open air museum
  • Folklorolympiad (Folklorolympiáda) - unusual competition of folklore ensembles
  • The autumn in a village
  • Radujme sa veselme sa… („Lets enjoy ourselves…“)

Opening hours:

Opening hours
  May, June, September, October The last tour starts at July, August The last tour starts at
Monday   closed   closed
Tuesday 9am - 4pm 3pm 9am – 5pm 4pm
Wednesday 9am – 4pm 3pm 9am – 5pm 4pm
Thursday 9am – 4pm 3pm 9am – 5pm 4pm
Friday 9am – 4pm 3pm 9am – 5pm 4pm
Saturday 9am – 5pm 4pm 9am - 5pm 4pm
Sunday 9am – 5pm 4pm 9am - 5pm 4pm
Ostatní svátky 9am – 5pm 4pm 9am - 5pm 4pm


  • Guided tours are available
  • Tours without a guide A Tour combined with wine tasting – available upon previous reservation
  • Interactive Tour for Children up to the 5th Grade of Primary School– available upon previous reservation
  • Guided Tours in English and German are available; paper form available in – English, German, French.


Entrance fee for Adults Pupils Holders of ISIC   Pensioners
Open Air Museum 140 CZK 70 CZK 70 CZK   70 CZK

The tips for trips in the surrounding area:

  • Chateau Strážnice
  • The Jewish synagogue and the Jewish Cemetery in Strážnice
  • Museum of the Service Tree (Oskoruše) in Tvarožná Lhota
  • Bata Canal
  • Wine Cellars in Plže
  • Baroque Chateau Mikulčice
  • Recreational Centre Lučina – Orchid Meadows White Carpathians (Orchidejové louky Bílé Karpaty)
  • Slavic Fortress in Mikulčice
  • Native House of brothers Úprkovi in Kněždub
  • Pantheon of Moravian Slovakia in Kněždub
  • A Windmill in Kuželov

Barrier - free Access

The Whole Area of the Open – air Museum is barrier free accessible with exception of few sites where are max. 2 steps. We recommend for disabled people to be accompanied at least by one person.