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The Moravian Museum – Dietrichstein palace

The Moravian Museum is the second biggest and oldest museum in the Czech Republic – it was founded in 1817. Currently the museum's collections include over 6 millions of objects, representing valuable scientific material from the fields of natural and social sciences. The museum publishes scientific and popularising literature, organizes exhibitions, lectures and excursions.

The main exhibition building of the Moravian Museum is Dietrichstein Palace, one of the oldest palaces in Brno. It was built in the years 1613-1616 as the Governor's residence for Cardinal Francis Dietrichstein. At the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries it was rebuilt to its present high baroque style. Now there are permanent exhibitions (paleontological, mineralogical and archaeological).

The oldest part of the Moravian Museum is represented by Bishop’s courtyard that is in the neighbourhood of the Dietrichstein Palace. The rest of the medieval core of the building is represented by a Gothic Tower with a chapel decorated with frescos on the first floor. The Renaissance arcades were made by the Italian builder Antonio Gabri. In 1820 the first collection of the museum was introduced to public right here. Even today the visitors can still see temporary exhibitions in the Marble Halls as well as permanent exhibitions upstairs.

In the Palace of the Noble Ladies (Palác Šlechtičen), built in the years 1674–1676, there are temporary exhibitions from the field of ethnography and exhibitions prepared by the Children’s Museum, which is the first museum in the Czech Republic that is fully devoted to young visitors. In its interiors the Palace offers interactive exhibitions, composed programmes for educational purposes as well as for leisure time, holiday events and some activities for Saturdays as well as other events and activities. A Chapel with Baroque fresco, appropriate for wedding ceremonies as well, is considered to be the architectural highlight of the building.

The Anthropos Pavilion is considered to be the most modern building of the Moravian Museum. It is located in Brno-Pisárky. The construction of the Pavilion was finished in 1962 and it has been open to the public since 2006, when the vast renovation was accomplished. Besides the permanent and temporary exhibitions, one can find there a model of a mammoth with its baby, both in life-size, which is very popular with children as well as adults, and exhibitions of the oldest skeletal materials and prehistorical art works.

The Leoš Janáček Memorial, in Smetanova Street, is located in the garden house of the former Organ School, where Leoš Janáček, a famous composer, lived in the years 1910–1928. Visitors can see here Janáček´s study room and an exhibition devoted to Janáček´s best works. An audiovisual hall is available as well.

In addition, the Moravian Museum runs the Memorial of the Kralice Bible in Kralice nad Oslavou, the Budišov Castle and the old Jevišovice Castle which are outside of Brno.


Dietrichsteinský palác
Zelný trh 8
659 37 Brno
Phone No.: +420 533 435 220
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