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Chateau Lednice

Lednice chateau is one of the most visited listed buildings in Moravia. It was being constructed by the Liechtenstein dynasty as a representative summer and hunting mansion for centuries. The last reconstruction in the middle of the 19th century shaped its appearance into a romantic Neogothic palace surrounded by spacious park that is the largest one in Europe. Interiors garnished with stunning carving decorations, halls and the so-called Princely apartments illustrate a typical majestic interior of the second half of the 19th century. Visitors can also admire original furniture and a collection of paintings, have a walk in an artificial stalactical cave or visit one of many exhibitions. 


Státní zámek Lednice
691 44 Lednice
Phone number: +420  519 340 128
Fax: +420 519 340 210
Contact person: Ivana Holásková, Jindřich Říha (AJ,NJ)

Attractions in the trip destination

  • Staircase carved from one piece of oak wood in the Castle library
  • Children rooms
  • Greenhouse with a collection of tropical and subtropical vegetation
  • Minaret with stunning view of the whole park
  • Janův hrad (The John’s Castle), an artificial romantic ruin
  • Appolo’s Temple with a view of lakes

Other services

  • Refreshment, café
  • Weddings
  • Boats rental for any kind of social event
  • Boats rental in the park of Lednice Castle
  • Carriage ride
  • Birds of prey flight shows all season long
  • Concerts at the promenade
  • Liechtenstein House in Břeclav


1st and 2nd route, artificial cave and The John’s castle with a guide, exhibitions, The Greenhouse, Minaret and Appolo’s temple without a guide.

Tips for trips in the surrounding areas

  • Buildings in Lednisko – Valticky area - Chateau Valtice, Randez-vous, Reistna Colonnade
  • Spa in Lednice
  • Town and Mikulov Castle
  • The Nové mlýny reservoirs
  • Pálava

Barrier free access

  • Castle - tour I.
  • The Greenhouse