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Chateau Slavkov - Austerlitz

Castle of Slavkov ranks among the oldest well-preserved manors in Moravia. According to written sources the history of the present Baroque castle began in the 13th century, at that time there was the commandery of Teutonic Knights Order. During the reign of Ulrich III, at the end of the 16th century, new Renaissance castle was built upon the older foundations based on four-winged ground plan with arcades and a huge prismatic tower. The aristocratic family of Kaunitz was in possession of both, castle and the whole manor of Slavkov for more than four centuries.

Dominik Ulrich Kaunitz from Kounice initiated the Baroque reconstruction of the Kaunitz Renaissance residence at the end of the 17th century. The task was entrusted to the Italian architect Domenicko Matinelli from Lucca. The author of fresco paintings was Andrea Lanzani who cooperated with the stucco master, Santino Bussi. Sculptures in the castle as well as in the park were created by Giovanni Giuliani. Maximilian Ulrich unfortunately had died before the final construction was completed. The castle complex was finished by his successor, his son Wenzel Anton (Václav Antonín), the Count Kaunitz-Rietberg, the most important member of the family line. From 1764 he was also the imperial count, state minister and chancellor of Her Majesty Empress Maria Theresa and later of the Emperors Leopold II, Joseph II and Francis II. The castle became a property of the Palfy Family after the death of the last male descendant of the Kaunitz family, Count Eugene. The Castle became a property of the Czechoslovak state after the Second World War.

The current owner is the city of Slavkov. The Castle of Slavkov was declared a national cultural monument in 2008. The park at Slavkov castle, with couple of pools and sculptures made by Giovanni Giuliani, are both integral parts of the whole castle area. There is also a 6-hole golf course in the back side of the park.


Chateau Slavkov - Austerlitz
Palackého nám. 1
684 01 Slavkov u Brna
phone no./fax no +420 544 221 685 – Marketing, Rental, Weddings
             +420 544 221 204 - Secretariat
             +420 544 227 548 – Cash Desk
             +420 513 034 156 – Info centre 


Basic informations about Castle

Tourist attractions

  • Tours of the Castle – representative rooms with beautiful fresco and stucco decoration
  • Tours of the Castle underground – a unique underground with the remains of the medieval fortress of the Teutonic Knights Order from the 13th century
  • The Castle park – one of the most significant historic gardens in Moravia with both domestic and foreign trees and bushes

Other services

  • Comprehensive services in the tourism area
  • Guided tours in Czech (other languages at request and upon previous reservation)
  • Castle café and summer garden close to the Castle cash desk
  • Castle restaurant Austerlitz with a wide range offer of wines
  • Souvenirs, publications and specialized books related to the Slavkov Castle
  • Exhibitions, concerts, cultural events in the whole area of the Slavkov Castle
  • Conferences, presentations, business meetings

Special offers and events

  • Conference spaces
  • Wedding ceremonials and wedding receptions
  • Alive tours of the castle and underground
  • Occasional tours of the castle depository, attic, park and green house
  • Napoleon Days and special events on the occasion of the Battle at Austerlitz of 1805
  • Non-fiction War Literature Festival
  • Oldtimer  festival – veteran cars and motorbikes meeting
  • International tournament in pétanque
  • Crafts Fair

Opening hours

March, April, May, September, October: Tuesday – Sunday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
June, July and August: daily 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
November and December (1. - 13. 12. 2020): Tuesday - Sunday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
December – March only booking 200% extra charge
April – November: out of opening hours 100% extra charge

Tours of the Slavkov Castle - Austerlitz

1. Historical halls – guided tour. Tours in foreign languages at request and upon previous reservation This tour introduces the representative premises of the castle with rich fresco and stucco decorations and period furniture. Next the tour leads visitors through the part of a previously famous picture gallery of the Kaunitz family line, the Ancestor’s Hall where are the portraits of the most significant owners of the Castle as well as through Rubens’s Hall where are copies of Rubens´s large-area paintings exhibited and last but not the least through The Historical Hall which was the place where the armistice after the battle at Slavkov was agreed. The tour ends in the Saint Cross chapel with unique acoustics for concert performances.

2. Historical lounges – guided tour. Tours in foreign languages at request and upon previous reservation. Tour demonstrates the living standard of the aristocracy from the Renaissance era to the 19th century. It includes the Renaissance tapestry, the so - called Flower Lounge, empire “Napoleonic” lounge, the library, the so-called Hall of Fashion or the Theatre Hall and other rooms.

3. Other Thematic exhibitions Several gallery premises are located in the building of the Slavkov Castle. During the season they are always used for various exhibitions of art productions. Examples of such exhibitions are glass exhibition, exhibition of ceramics, flowers, paintings, photographs, jewellery, graphics, bobbin laces and last but not least Christmas expositions, wine tasting and many other exhibitions.



Adults 130 CZK
Pensioners 80 CZK
Children, Students, Disabled 80 CZK
Adults 100 CZK
Pensioners 80 CZK
Children, Students, Disabled 80 CZK
Adults 70 CZK
Pensioners 50 CZK
Children, Students, Disabled 50 CZK

Tips for Trips in the surrounding areas

  • Cairn of Peace (in the city of Prace 10 km from Slavkov)
  • ZOO park Vyškov (20 km from Slavkov)
  • ZOO of parrots (in the city of Bošovice 15 km from Slavkov)

Barrier free Access

The Gardens of the Slavkov Castle are barrier free as well.


Další informace

GPS coordinates: 49°9'17.426“N, 16°52‘27.18“E
Traffic connection
By car:
highway D1 from Prague (to Olomouc – Ostrava): Exit 211 Slavkov u Brna
highway D1 from Olomouc (to Brno - Praha): Exit 216 Rousínov
By train:
railway station Slavkov u Brna
By bus:
bus station Slavkov u Brna