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Castles and Chateaux

Accept our invitation to the premises in which you will get impressed by the beauty of life people lived hundreds of years ago. We have chosen the most beautiful and interesting castles and Chateaux , which are also well know out of the borders of Moravia. During your trip you will not only learn about what the life was like in the royal residence long time ago but you will also be  invited to chateau gardens and parks, to exhibitions of interesting objects, for a tour of casemates or wine tasting or you can examine the life of the personalities whose lives were connected with the particular castles and chateaux.

hrad - letecký pohled

Castle Bítov

Bítov is one of the oldest and the most romantic castles in the Czech Republic (the first written reference comes from years 1061–1067). It is situated on a narrow cliff surrounded the Želetavka River near its confluence with the Dyje. The Bítov... more

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Castle Špilberk

Špilberk Castle was established as a royal castle in the 13th century during the reign of the Přemysl clan. After the successful defence against the Swedish army in 1645 it was rebuilt into a massive Baroque fortress. It had served... more

Státní zámek Lednice 2

Chateau Lednice

Lednice chateau is one of the most visited listed buildings in Moravia. It was being constructed by the Liechtenstein dynasty as a representative summer and hunting mansion for centuries. The last reconstruction in the middle of the 19th century... more

Zámek Lysice

Chateau Lysice

A charming royal seat, Lysice Chateau, is located 35 km, northeast from Brno, close to E 461. It is a chateau with rich history, originally a water fortress, which was rebuilt into renaissance and later baroque chateau. The chateau also went... more

Slavkov - čelní pohled

Chateau Slavkov - Austerlitz

Castle of Slavkov ranks among the oldest well-preserved manors in Moravia. According to written sources the history of the present Baroque castle began in the 13th century, at that time there was the commandery of Teutonic Knights Order. During the reign... more

Zámek Valtice 1

Chateau Valtice and Wine Salon of the Czech Republic

The Valtice Chateau was the entailed seat of the Liechtenstein dynasty. Its fortune is demostrated by the extensiveness and pompous look of the whole complex. The Valtice Chateau itself is situated east of the main city square. Its present appearance is... more