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Baťa Canal

The Bata Canal is a historical waterway located in the eastern part of the Southern Moravia region. The Waterway was built in the years of 1934 – 1938 for purpose of irrigation, sailing and increasing the level of underground water but the main purpose of the Canal was the transport of lignite from Rohatce to Otrokovice by Bata Company.

The Canal is composed of the Morava river on one hand and of artificially dug channel on the other. The Artificial Channel separates from the Morava river in Spytihněv and rejoins the river in Staré Město. In Veselí na Moravě the artificial Channel separates from the river again, in Vnorovy it crosses the river in a unique way and then continues to Rohatce.

The Bata Canal is currently used only like a tourist waterway. People come to spend their holidays or weekends here or they come when they are free to sail on the boats and experience the beauty of our nature from the deck of a ship.


Information Centre of Bata Canal
Zámecká 2
698 01 Veselí nad Moravou
Phone number: +420 518 325 330

Tourist Attractions

  • Technical monument VYKLOPNIK (tipper) in Sudoměřice
  • Meanders of the Morava river
  • The crossing of the Morava river with The Bata Canal
  • The Crossing of river Velicky with the Bata Canal
  • Sailing through ship locks
  • The Observatory at the bank of the river with its own port
  • Nature trail Včelíny at the lock Vnorovy I.

Other Services

  • Boat and Ship Hire agencies along all the waterway
  • Sailing on the trip ships on regular basis
  • Possibility of refreshment in the Ports
  • Special programmes for bigger groups of people
  • The Bata Canal Information Centre in Veselí nad Moravou

Special offers and activities

  • The opening of sailing season on The Bata Canal
  • Activity for Children Hurrah to school!
  • Water Kingdom of Hodonim
  • Beside these activities there are many other ones that take place throughout year in the hire agencies. For example barbecue, country music, etc.
  • There is possibility of having family or company parties, weddings, presentations, picnics, etc. On the boat


There are several options how the visitors of the Bata Canal can attend a Cruise on the Canal. One option is to rent a small motor boat the visitors operate themselves. This option enables them to cruise the canal according to their wishes. This small boat can be rent for the whole day, half a day or even just for an hour. Visitors who prefer comfortable ride can choose a cruise on a big boat. This option is meant for bigger groups of people. Theses cruises are scheduled on regular basis and have different routes and so their duration differs as well. Some of the cruises last just an hour and fot more demanding visitors there are some cruises planned for the whole day. Recently the houseboats have become very popular with tourists. The offer of houseboats is getting bigger and bigger and it enbales the visitor to connect the sailing on the Canal with sightseeing in the surrounding areas. For large groups there is a possibility of making their own programme on the boat but any plans must be settled in adavance. In cases like this it is possible to put down an order on anything - drinks, grill, refreshemnt or some local traditional meals that would be brought on the board. The cruise can also be combined with wine tasting while cimbala or harmonica is playing in the background. All cruises can also be tour guided. It is also possible to agree on a coherent programme for several days.

Tips for trips in the surrounding areas

  • Masaryk University in Hodonim
  • Spa Hodonin
  • Swimming Pool Hodonin
  • Plže Petrov – village memorial conservation area
  • Museum of the South Eastern Moravian village Strážnice
  • Observatory Veselí nad Moravou
  • Chateau and gallery Uherský Ostroh
  • Slovak Museum Uherské Hradiště
  • Memory Artefacts of Great Moravia Staré Město
  • Chateau Buchlovice
  • Castle Buchalov

Barrier - free access

At the ports of Hodonín, Rohatec, Rohatec-kolonie, Petrov, Strážnice and Veselí nad Moravou non barrier access is available. Barrier free cruises are available as well - Konstancie v Hodoníně, Ámos in Strážnica a Danaj in Veselí nad Moravou.