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Beauties of Nature

For those who love nature, the region South Moravia offers a lot of beautiful places, come with us to explore the most beautiful ones! Learn more about the most significant karstic area in the Middle Europe, with more than a thousand of caves, you can sail on the boat on the waterway known as Bata Canal (Baťův kanál) or you can just go hiking to the surrounding forests and meadows.

Baťův kanál  - výletní loď

Baťa Canal

The Bata Canal is a historical waterway located in the eastern part of the Southern Moravia region. The Waterway was built in the years of 1934 – 1938 for purpose of irrigation, sailing and increasing the level of underground water but the main... more

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Moravian Karst

Moravian Karst is the most famous and best developed Karst area in the Czech Republic. It is located to the North from city of Brno and is created from Devon limestone and its area is 100 km2. There are more than 1100 caves, five of them are open to... more